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ELPHONE P8 mini ELE OS 1.0 test activity
--Waiting for your participation!
We sincerely invite ELEPHONE P8 mini users to participate in test activity of ELE OS 1.0! After long time of hard working, ELE OS 1.0 has already finished its first stage of test! But if we want to release a stable and perfect one which fulfill all your needs, we need to keep our user experience in mind. For this, we need you guys to help us test this new OS and give us your advice about this!
1. The participants need to love our products and have a great passion and ability to test new OS. Please note, this is not the official one, all participants need to follow the principle of confidentiality. As our ELE OS 1.0 is in the test process, maybe the system will have some bugs, our participants can not spread or slander our ELE OS 1.0 in other platforms except the whatsapp group(If you are the one we need, we will add you in our group via your whatsapp account).
2. The event will begin today, during the first round of test time, we will choose 100 participants. Later, with the improvement of our ELE OS 1.0, we will add more participants in our activity.
3. For appreciating our participants, we will choose some active participants and send them our free gifts (some accessories or coupons).
4. Registration duration: 10th 18:00 -24th 18:00, August (UTC+8)
What kind of user we need?
1.Have ELEPHONE P8 mini.
2.Love 3C products, and have rich experience in flash.
3.Love ELEPHONE’s products.
4.Have a Whatsapp account.
What do you need to do?
1.Join in our official forum.
2.Participate in the activity, test our ELE OS 1.0 and feedback in the test group(Whatsapp group) in time.
3.Communicate with other participants in a polite and objective way.
4.Follow the principle of confidentiality. Refuse slandering and sharing any information with those who did not participate in the activity.
What's your name?
What's your gender?
How old are you?
Where are you from?
Can you flash?
Enter your IMEI number:
Enter your whatsapp account:
Enter your e-mail:
Enter your Forum ID:
What's your favorite OS?
1.The test has a certain risk, when testing the ELE OS, please be careful. If you have any problems that unrelated with ELE OS, please contact with the seller, we will not be liable for compensation.
2.Elephone reserves the final right to this activity.