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Elephone will launch OTA update soon
Published: 2014-11-06    Views: 5756

     It's been almost a year that our consumers have to update their phones by using USB cable. It's not an easy task for beginners and we've all been there before, but all effort is worthwhile. We're glad to see the interaction between our fans and customers on our forum because all of us learned a lot.

     The good news is OTA update is going to be available soon. You guys don't need to go through the complex steps to update their phone. In the past, we tried our best to make updates frequently by working day and night. And we're paying close attention to the bugs reported. Besides, we're also plan to make an app that reports bugs to us, so we get information easily and clearly.

     The OTA updates will apply to the phones those are released after P2000. Since lots of custmors are asking about Android 5.0, we promiss that we'll working on that once MTK make it.