During Sep.14-25
  • Deca-core
  • 4GB+64GB/128GB
  • 2K (2560x1440)
  • IP68 Rating
  • Sony 21MP
  • 5000mAh
  • SOS
  • Physical Compass
IP68 Certification
Simply put, Soldier is one tough smartphone. IP68 means a durable, rugged handset that will continue to work in a dusty or wet environment. How wet? How about being submerged in 1 meter of water!
Not afraid of falling
Does your heart miss a beat when you see your phone drop to the ground? With the Soldier you’ll never panic again. With it’s 3 Defence TPU chassis, shock absorbing materials and alloy frame, the Solider is designed to fall. Don’t worry about the screen, it’s as tough as nails too.
5.5” 2K resolution display
Solider comes equipped with a 2K Ultra HD display presenting you with unparalleled immersion, and vibrant colors usually only available on flagship “fashion” phones.
Premium Deca-core CPU
he premium Deca-core processor provides three processor clusters, each is designed to more efficiently handle different types of workloads. In addition, we optimized the system specifically to keep the high-quality endurance and performance.
4GB+64GB/128GB large storage
The powerful 64-bit Deca-core processor with 4GB RAM, it can switch multiple tasks freely and operate smoothly. Moreover, with 64GB/128GB memory, you can store more songs and photos.
CPU Max. 2.5Ghz is 30% higher than the previous generation
The graphics processor is 30% faster than the previous generation
Powerful 5000mAh battery
Soldier is equipped with a huge 5000mAh lithium polymer battery, which manages battery output intelligently, and its energy efficiency is improved by 40% compared with ordinary mobile phones. Also, the standby time is greatly extended, you will have enough power in any case.
Record your memories
The Sony 21MP rear camera on Soldier has real-time HDR, and it supports 4K shooting. You can take exquisite and clear picture easily even under the water.
SOS button
Soldier has a more user-friendly design and comes with a dazzling red SOS button on the back. In an emergency situation, you can easily complete the help with a single button and make your journey more worry-free.
Physical compass, always find your way
Soldier gives you a simple but practical life guarantee--a physical compass. When it is out of power, you can still find the way.
Strong and powerful sound
The unprecedented release was due to the use of NXP audio amplifiers that optimized the algorithm. As a result, the low frequencies have been greatly enhanced, and the loud sounds are loud and extroverted. Meanwhile, the noise is better controlled.
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