5.9mm Ultrathin
The ultrathin and light P9 smartphone with a outstanding performance is finally born!
It is due to Elephone designers and engineers' long term hard working
in combining advanced technology and 5.9mm body thickness.
elephone p9
elephone p9
elephone p9
Octacore Processor
It has a MTK6592 processor,which is consisted of eight Cortex-A7 cores
and adopts an advanced TSMC 28nm craft. Besides,
frenquency is up to 1.7GHz. These contribute to the twice promotion in the overall efficiency
and bring you a wonderful and smooth operational experience!
elephone p9
2GB internal storage
Built in 2 GB RAM, browsing the complex webpage, watching movies,
playing large scale games or changing multitasks,
it will be very easy and smooth to enjoy!
elephone p9
5.0 inch OGS
HD Screen
Its features include a 1280*720 display, the OGS full lamination,
which mean that the thickness is decreased by 20%,
and transparency is up by 10%. So that it has a high color
saturation in display and a gorgeous and smooth efficiency.
What's more ,supporting HD display means you can feast
your eyes perfectly!
8MP HD camera
Using a 8 MP HD rear camera with a more sensitive CMOS
and a better lens group to restore the real color,
whatever you are doing, traveling ,taking party or working in the office,
you can easily be met in taking photos!

elephone p9
The easy-using developed OS
  • Calls & SMS
    Better call and SMS experience
    Free cloud messaging with MIUI users
  • Increased Security
    Advanced security system and apps
    Block unwanted calls & spam texts
  • Online Resources
    A variety of video, music & games
    Access to over 600,000 Android apps
  • Unique & Customized
    Mix and match to what you want it to be
    Try the new MiSpace & customize away
  • Cloud Services
    Sync your contacts, SMS and images
    Store & access content conveniently
  • Faster Launcher
    Optimized at the system level
    Silky smooth experience
  • 200+ Feature Improvements
    Cleverly designed features
    Refined essentials like custom font sizes
  • Updated Constantly
    Rain or shine, MIUI updates weekly
    MIUI evolves with our user feedback
Keep expecting and be surprised
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