elephone p7mini
elephone p7mini
Mass themes
changed at your will!
Thousands of rich themes can be downloaded and changed freely! Morever, you can create your exclusive theme by mixing different themes.
elephone p7mini
elephone p7mini
5.0 inch qHD IPS screen
Adopting the highlighted screen with the IPS display technology,though under the glaring sunlight out door,it also can diplay the contents very clearly and auto adjusts brightness according to the outside light, so that your eyes can be prevented from damage.
elephone p7mini
The easy-using developed OS
  • Calls & SMS
    Better call and SMS experience
    Free cloud messaging with MIUI users
  • Increased Security
    Advanced security system and apps
    Block unwanted calls & spam texts
  • Online Resources
    A variety of video, music & games
    Access to over 600,000 Android apps
  • Unique & Customized
    Mix and match to what you want it to be
    Try the new MiSpace & customize away
  • Cloud Services
    Sync your contacts, SMS and images
    Store & access content conveniently
  • Faster Launcher
    Optimized at the system level
    Silky smooth experience
  • 200+ Feature Improvements
    Cleverly designed features
    Refined essentials like custom font sizes
  • Updated Constantly
    Rain or shine, MIUI updates weekly
    MIUI evolves with our user feedback
Keep expecting and be surprised
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