elephoen p7
1000s desktop wallpapers , choose at your will!
Download vast themes
    P7 buids in vast themes, supports the scanning of current web page. Choosing preview, and then slipping it , you will view the diferent themes at the same time!
elephoen p7
Beyond- minded photographic function
Wonderful photo- taking experience
    Take photos by the control of voice,build in recognizable two-dimension code of camerea, shoot in a way of panoramas, auto modify, MF shoot by a continuous press...It will do whatever you want to do!
elephoen p7
Free 1000s themes can be downloaded , and change various interfaces at your will!
Download 1000s themes
    As it takes a themes stores,which can provide thousands of themes to choose, you can choose different one to show your table at your will. Moreover, it supports themes mixture, you can use the icons and wallpapers from different themes to create your exclusive interface!
Guarantee your information safe by an antivirus software and root!
Smart safety prevention
    On such a big smart age, who can guarantee your information safety?P7 builds in a safe center and an antivirus software for the device , and provides a definitional ROOT right. A light sliding can freely got or cancel the ROOT right.
elephoen p7
Auto copy the key files
Cloud Service, no limit
    Keep your data more freedom and safety! With the cloud service, it can auto copy your picture album, contacts and short message to keep your data safety.
elephoen p7
Multimedia music box allows you for free
Vast free music /MV
    Rich multimedia resource,vast musics and Mv can be freely downloaded. There is no doubt that ,this is your removable multimedia store and music paradise!
elephoen p7
HD big display, give you a theater at your pocket!
5.5inch OGS- LCD screen with full lamination
    You can watch the free and latest movies on line on such a big screen. And the ultra big and HD LCD display will perfectly show what you are watching. So just enjoy it!
elephoen p7
28 NT quad core processor gifts you a ultra fast speed!
Quad core
    The brand new quad core processor with a low-power consumption and the perfect system artchitecture let CPU promote it over twice whole running speed!
elephoen p7
The easy-using developed OS
  • Calls & SMS
    Better call and SMS experience
    Free cloud messaging with MIUI users
  • Increased Security
    Advanced security system and apps
    Block unwanted calls & spam texts
  • Online Resources
    A variety of video, music & games
    Access to over 600,000 Android apps
  • Unique & Customized
    Mix and match to what you want it to be
    Try the new MiSpace & customize away
  • Cloud Services
    Sync your contacts, SMS and images
    Store & access content conveniently
  • Faster Launcher
    Optimized at the system level
    Silky smooth experience
  • 200+ Feature Improvements
    Cleverly designed features
    Refined essentials like custom font sizes
  • Updated Constantly
    Rain or shine, MIUI updates weekly
    MIUI evolves with our user feedback
Keep expecting and be surprised
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