Elephone P3000s,4G LTE
P3000s supports FDD 4G LTE
network for high speed web
browsing experience!
Elephone P3000s,Gorilla Glass
Drop-proof and scratch-proof, it
can protect your phone effectively.
Elephone P3000s,Fingerprint ID
The fingerprint scanner on the back
would guarantee your privacy.
  • The one and only
  • Secure communication
Elephone P3000s,Octa core
Elephone P3000s,Octa core
Built in MTK6592+6290 cpu,based on 28 nm
octa core ARM Cortex A7 architecture,
the frequency is 1.7GHz.
  • ARM Cortex A7 architecture
  • The frequency is 1.7Ghz
Elephone P3000s,NFC Function
Built in NFC function, combined with a variety of Apps
it makes our life more conveniently.
Elephone P3000s,NFC Function
Elephone P3000s,Octa core
1280*720 pixels HD OGS screen, making
that display dramatically better.
Elephone P3000s, 2GB+16GB
RAM=2GB, ROM=16GB, plenty
of room for playing!
Elephone P3000s, 2GB+16GB
The larger capacity battery' so you can
enjoy playing without worrying the power.
Elephone P3000s, 2GB+16GB
Elephone P3000s,ov camera
13MP+8MP, aperture f/2.2, brought together various techniques,
give you better photo experience.
Elephone P3000s,ov camera
Elephone P3000s,Sony camera
Elephone P3000s,Gesture Recognition
Double tab the screen to wake it up; and
set your customized gesture as short cut
to open certain function when the screen
is off. such as the following:
Elephone P3000s,Gesture Recognition
Elephone P3000s,Gesture Recognition
The easy-using developed OS
  • Calls & SMS
    Better call and SMS experience
    Free cloud messaging with MIUI users
  • Increased Security
    Advanced security system and apps
    Block unwanted calls & spam texts
  • Online Resources
    A variety of video, music & games
    Access to over 600,000 Android apps
  • Unique & Customized
    Mix and match to what you want it to be
    Try the new MiSpace & customize away
  • Cloud Services
    Sync your contacts, SMS and images
    Store & access content conveniently
  • Faster Launcher
    Optimized at the system level
    Silky smooth experience
  • 200+ Feature Improvements
    Cleverly designed features
    Refined essentials like custom font sizes
  • Updated Constantly
    Rain or shine, MIUI updates weekly
    MIUI evolves with our user feedback
Keep expecting and be surprised
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