Intimate care
Care for the elderly
Elephone G3, built in ELEUI & SimpleUI, it is specially designed for
the elders, so that they can enjoying the convenience and
efficiency brought by the technology as well.
Android 4.4 (KitKat)
Smooth operation experience
Elephone G3,Android 4.4 (KitKat)
Android 4.4 has be made a optimization for RAM, it can run
smoothly even in low memory device.
4.5 inches IPS screen
The better screen, the better vision
The unique way
of thinking & design
All hard buttons are designed on the back
It is very convenient to
control the phone while you
are holding it with one hand.
Elephone G3,The unique way of thinking & design
Different UI
for your choice
ELEUI + SimpleUI. ELEUI is more wonderful, SimpleUI is
very easy to learn and handle, because we specially designed the Simple UI for the
elders, which can make the elders to use the phone conveniently.
Elephone G3,Different UI for your choice
Easy to identify
Large icons and font
4.5 inches diplay with large icons and
font, even the elders who have presbyopia
can read easily without magnifier or glasses.
Clear Communication
Built in clear receiver,no matter where you
are,you can still hear it clearly.
Voice Assistant
Get into the voice assistant model,
tell her what you want to do,
then she can help you make it.
Speed Dial
Set up to 6 favourite contacts
on the homepage, you can call
them anytime you like.
Elephone G3,Speed Dial
Fullfill your later life with love
Get closer with your family and friends
Elephone G3,Fullfill your later life with love
Smart phones may be too complex for seniors to operate. Elephone developed an
easy operating interface in order to let elder parents to use nice and
numerous functional Android phones. We believe that can fullfill
your later life with love!
Keep expecting and be surprised
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