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As we all know that ELEPHONE S8 equipped with lumia back, meanwhile, it has a 3D back curved glass panel. You can see by the outstanding design but can not see the lots of efforts for ELEPHONE S8. Today, we will introduce the beauty to you in details.

With the development of lumia craft, the appearance of smartphone is getting more beautiful than ever and people are very pleased about it. However in fact, this kind of craft has many problems, such as easy to be scratched. To solve this problem, the designers of ELEPHONE spent more than 130 days to test different materials and crafts. Finally, they added a 3D curved glass back on S8. Don't underestimate this 3D curved glass, not only can it protect the device, but also have three more advantages:

1.Hand feeling
The 3D glass back has an advantage than other materials. Nowadays, the materials of smartphone body are plastic, ceramic and metal. Glass material can prevent being smugged, and also it has good hand feeling.

2.Good Heat Dissipation
The traditional metal conducting heat fast, and it will cause the problem such as make your smartphone overheated. Normal plastic smartphone conducting heat very slow, but the quality is not good. The heat conduction of glass material is between these two materials, and it is beautiful.

The traditional metal case has a defect of shielding the mobile phone signal.

With the era of 5G, the wireless band becomes more and more complex and it demands stronger signal. The antenna of the smartphone usually placed at the back of the body, as to pursue strong signal, the materials of smartphone should avoid metal material, then glass becomes the best choice.

The smartphone market is developing intelligently, and the 3D glass back which has a good hand feeling and best user experience is becoming a trend. Many smartphone manufacturers use 3D glass material with more technologies.

ELEPHONE's pursuit and definition of products are more than talk, we believe that ELEPHONE S8 will give you the best user experience.

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