Elephone is always walking in the forefront of science and technology. Elephone P9000, as one of the Elephone flagship model 2016, has already got many great recognition and support by the vast number of new and old customers.


If you do not yet have information about the Elephone P9000 enough, here we have another and even nicely converted into moving images. Needless to warn that, among other enumerated parameters Elephone P9000 can also find E-Touch and Smart Key. E-touch combines the Home, Back and Multi-task key of a traditional android phone into one. All operations start from here. Its versatility frees you of the tedious steps in the past. Once you get used to E-touch, you could not go back any more.



In the video you will find step-by-step setup the E-Touch, which allows you, for example, Smart Key on the left side of P9000/P9000 Lite can access any apps as a shortcut key. And the multi-functional E-Touch button which enables Home, Back and Multi-tasking features.


Meanwhile, it’s none like other Elephone products like Elephone M2, M3, Elephone P9000 is with built-in NFC function which is a wireless connection technology providing easy, safe and rapid communication.


Elephone P9000 touch-ID is also a promotion than other current Elephone mobile phones. Using the fingerprint, to be fast is the most basic requirement. Maybe you haven't come over from black screen, it has been unlocked and waiting for your next step. To start the excellent interactive tour between you and your mobile phone, it's just 0.3 seconds. With Elephone P9000, let’s enjoy the same user experience with iPhone 6s.


Well, it’s known that Elephone series include Elephone P9000, P9000 Lite and P9000 Edge. If you’re looking for a very well-speed China mobile, consider the Elephone P9000. If you can let go of the extra goodies of the P9000, consider the P9000 Lite. For Elephone P9000 Edge, let’s stay tuned official website, and be sure to follow us at YouTubeFaceBookTwitter, VK, and G+