With the E-products' development and market need, we are going to creative ecosystem which is including more electronic products like smart watchaction cameraE-cigarette, etc. 


As the market of action camera is getting bigger, with several producers feeding solutions on the market at very attractive prices, among the coats of arms of this segment we see GoPro, the "Apple of the action cam", and follow a plethora of manufacturers seeking to offer solutions on the market for low-cost but from discrete characteristics, this is the case of Elephone new action camera called Explorer Pro


Since the launch of Explorer Pro which is remarkable that the world's first action camera, it has received extensive attention, because it offers audible notification, features with NT96660 chipset, SONY IMX117 camera, high color rendition, and supports 64GB development.


The NT96660 chipset with fully improved performance enables you conveniently record 4K ultra-clear video and perfectly capture high-speed motion scenes. This action camera even supports WiFi connection. It can be used with Smartphone via apps to make remote control and easily preview and share videos with people.

Meanwhile, it is equipped with a SONY IMX117camera, which greatly improved the sampling rate and increased from 20 frames per second to 35 frames per second. Even in particular low-light scene, it can intelligently change the frame rate according to lighting conditions to achieve best performance. So it is no need to adjust the camera settings even if you move back and forth between dark and bright environments.

With built-in Wi-Fi, you can connect it to the APP in your phone, use your mobile phone or tablet to preview the photos and comprehensively control the Explorer pro. It also supports TV video transmission which allows it to preview the real-time scenes over 15 meters, just like the TV live show, to obtain every wonderful moment.


Strong protective box with waterproof performance 98 feet (30 meters) is used for Explorer. Protective box prevents dust, sand and water into the DV, can adapt to various environments.


With high mean really a great number of accessories, and sells at only $109 recently: for helmets attacks, double-sided, tripods and much higher still, as you can see from the image. Special mention for the open houses that allows you to also record sound, it works fine. Compared with the first DV ELECAM, the Explorer Pro has more improvement to satisfy for user’s requirement. The current promotion event is during March 30 ~ April 1. If you are pending to get it, don’t miss this chance.

 Explorer Pro

Elephone has a full list of specs available on the website as well. Please stay tuned our official website and be sure to follow us at YouTubeFaceBookTwitter, VK, and G+ for more details of more Elephone products including Elephone P9000/P9000 Lite, Elephone M3, Elephone S3.