For almost $170 a smartphone with full HD, LTE, Touch-ID fingerprint sensor and metal frame? That sounds too good to be true! The Elephone P8000 offers just that. The Elephone P8000 is the follow up of the very popular Elephone P7000. From the previous article, you may have already well known its specification. And here, let’s see more details about Elephone P8000.

The Elephone P8000 uses a metal frame, despite its low price. The back with her shimmering zigzag pattern and the speaker grille, which is reminiscent of sonic eruptions on an equalizer display, is probably the most eye-catching design detail. From the front, the unit elegance looks quite classical.

Three colors are available of this device: white, gold and dark gray. The high quality metal frame endows the P8000 a texture of simplicity and nobility .Seeing it at the first time, you will be intoxicated by its beauty. With screen aesthetics, it looks like no frame and no chamfer, only a piece of pure and glossy black glass when the screen is locked. 5.5 inch crystal IPS screen brings you unprecedented visual enjoyment. Exquisite and vivid images restore the authentic natural colors, which will largely broaden your visual perception.

Here, let’s see more about P8000’s strict quality test.


Elephone P8000 has got great feedbacks in the last year. Here we have good news for Elephone fans. The P8000 new version is coming soon. It will be powered by Android Marshmallow 6 and supporting screen touch gestures recognition and smart wake. In order to have a better fingerprint experience, we also improve the fingerprint and change the battery cover. Meanwhile, the current P8000 version will also be available to update to Android 6.0 OS.


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