As we briefly introduced Elephone P9000Lite in the previous article, here we would like to share more information about this high cost-effective phone. Compared with Elephone P9000, you may be more inclined to buy Elephone P9000Lite when your budget is tight.


Everything we claimed is not an oral commitment but practical efforts to make it affordable for young people. Elephone P9000Lite excels in each aspect, 4GB storage, latest Helio P10, exquisite design and Marshmallow Android 6.0 Hope it satisfies you well.


Equipped with the latest MTK 64-bit flagship processor and combined with ARM Mali-T860GPU, the strong kernel provides a powerful driving force for the system to run faster. The same as Elephone P9000, Elephone P9000Lite uses top 4GB RAM to make the system run multiple-task more smoothly and effectively. 32GB (128GB extended memory supported) enables high-speed processing and high-capacity storage.


Elephone P9000Lite is not equipped with higher pixels like Elephone P9000, Elephone P9000Edge. But 13MP Sony IMX258 rear camera with OV13850 image sensor, 6 pieces of precision optical lenses and ƒ/2.0 large aperture are also the best choice to memorize the past, to vividly present the story with images and videos.


People no longer have to worry about connecting phones with USB due to the development of Type-C. Just like Elephone M3 and hot Android devices such as Samsung Galaxy S7, Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P, P9000Lite follows the trend and chooses Type-C to offer you great conveniences. This kind of two-way insertion connection will become the main trend of future smartphones.


Just like the P9000, Elephone P9000Lite is also featuring with some interesting & smart features like Smart Key, E-touch, volume key wake and screen smart wake. When the screen is black, to double touch the screen for waking up the screen or directly enter other applications through gestures, for examples, drawing "O" to directly enter the camera, drawing "C" to directly enter the calling, drawing "e" to directly enter music and so on. To wake up the screen and enable the applications both are remarkably smooth.


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