Test version of CM13 firmware of Elephone P9000 and P9000 Lite has been launched.
After continued modification and test, test version of CM13 firmware of Elephone P9000 
and Elephone P9000 Lite has been launched.
Most bugs has been repaired already. However, we have to say sorry to our bear users 
of P9000 and P9000 Lite that GPS,Tethering and Memory deffect can not work normally at present.
But we will do our best to repair the three bugs in the near future.
Hope our faithful users can help us to test it and find more bugs about P9000 and Lite 
and then submit the bugs you find on our official forum: 
Download address of firmware: 
http://bbs.elephone.hk/thread-11690-1-1.html(P9000 Lite)