Before, Elephone received many feedbacks from losts of users, who are interested in the function of photo and video of Elecam 360. 
Particularly, they appreciate greatly about photo and video of Tiny Planet mode which circulate on the internet.
Frankly, our present Elecam 360 APP do not support this mode, but laterly we will launch a new version about our APP which will support several mode of editing pictures or videos, including Tiny Planet mode too.
In order to meet our user's curiosity, today we take Elecam 360 to shoot some good-looking,amazing pictures.
After being edited by our internal test version Elecam 360 APP,  we share these beautiful pictures to you all.
It is not hard to see, pictures edited by Tiny Planet mode is quite funny. You can adjust its size, angle with one photo freely. Especially, you can enchant pictures and scene, making it more interesting and vivid. Also, you can let these pictures edited with Tiny Planet mode to be 
eip on your Facebook, Twitter, etc.
Special reminder: Make sure taking a picture in the spacious, bright place, the effect of photos will be better.
Moreover, hope our users can share more interesting pictures to Elephone, and then we will let you know about our new APP at the first time.