As tri-bezel-less smartphone, ELEPHONE S8 with 2K display totally conquers Xiaomi Mix with FHD display! So, what is the difference between 2K display and FHD display? From the screenshots below, we believe you can see tell the difference.

For the objectivity of this comparison, we set the pictures with same pixel and resolution and same icons. At the first look, we can not see the obvious difference between those two pictures. But when you zoom in the pictures 4 times even 5 times, you can see the amazing difference! The margin line of the icon on Xiaomi Mix is sawtooth, while on S8, it is still smooth! Then, let's have a look of letters. We chose the first chapter of "Harry Porter", and zoom them up to the same sizes. Here, we can see the difference clearly.

The resolution of 2K display can up to 2560*1440, while FHD display is 2040*1080. From the screenshots, we can see that the pictures on 2K display are more delicate and have higher saturation than FHD display.
Besides, the screen-to-body ratio of S8 is 92.4%, while Xiaomi Mix's is 91.3%. ELEPHONE S8 equipped with Deca-core Helio X25 processor and 4+64GB capacity, which has faster operation speed and with no lags.

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