New Release!

Elephone is creating a real bezel-less phone--Elephone S3.


As for international bezel-less trend, we have got to talk about the last year. It's 2015 and the way in which things usually are looking, smartphone brands, in particular people from China, are rampaging against the screen bezel. Nevertheless, unbelievably, what was once a niche is nowadays a small-scale crusade that is invading markets all over the place, and similar to laughing at you for paying for an high-priced smartphone whose screen bezels are wider than a hair's width. Therefore, we can notice that from Oppo, Sharp all the way to LG, Samsung, slim screen bezels are slowly and gradually but for certain growing to be a typical of high-end smartphones. It's not a joking, we absolutely can judge through the cases that have already showed in the market. In fact, it might just dependent on time before bezels turn the way of the dinosaur and all of the Android flagships begin looking slimmer bezel phones.


In order to achieve excellence, now, Elephone S3 breaks the vision control and generates the most shocking visible experience -- Bezel-Less Phone! This means we can obtain the most expansive horizon on the screen without visual boundary. What's more, the cost of the newest Elephone S3 isn't expensive but still guarantee good quality.



Except for Bezel-Less feature, what others does Elephone S3 provide to us? Let's look for them.


Full Metal Design
Elephone S3 is manufactured out of metal. It utilizes CNC cutting technology which will make Elephone S3 looks as chic as most of the high-end phones like Iphone6.


E-touch listed here is just not the basic fingerprint, but combines desktop sliding, photo-taking, music-playing into one, which enables the Elephone S3 speedier and safer.


It has 5.2 inch FHD touchscreen with edge-to-edge 1920 x 1080 pixel display. And Elephone S3 uses Sony IMX 135 rear camera that could automatically adjusts light compensation intensity and aid take better pictures. Besides, MT 6753 Octa CPU is employed in Elephone S3 that can help make the operation procedure much faster.