Nice design, excellent performance, smart feature and best price, these are in short Elephone P9000. We brief introduced Elephone P9000 in the previous article, here we would like to share more interesting smart features about this flagship model.

Firstly, it is powered by new octa-core Helio P10 processor, which is more smooth and stable as well as has low power consumption when running. 2.0GHz frequency ensures multitasking more efficient and fluent. Coupled with ARM Mali-T860 GPU, it is easy to process more complex graphics and game.


Beside, 4GB RAM, the highest specification of mobile phones in nowadays, with super fast read and write rate, brings you a feeling of flying. 32GB storage space stores more and bears more. Meanwhile, such excellent device definitely should be with the latest and coolest Android 6.0 system, a new “marshmallow” of P9000 will bring you more smooth and wonderful experience.


For a better user experience, our engineers make some unique changes for Elephone P9000 and P9000Lite. Smart Key on the left side of P9000 and P9000Lite can access any apps as a shortcut key. And the multi-functional E-Touch button which enables Home, back and multi-tasking features. Off-screen gesture, three-finger features, smart key feature, flip to silence and all these features are supported both on P9000 and P9000Lite. The E-Touch is a breath LED light on P9000 too, no backlight on P9000Lite. And here we would like to share a video about E-touch and Smart Key with you for further understanding these interesting features. 


Furthermore, there is a new reversible USB Type-C, just like Elephone M3 and hot Android devices such as Samsung Galaxy S7, Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P, so it’s more convenient to use it.


We will continue to improve the update the software of P9000 in the upcoming days, feel free to comment and let us know your opinion. Stay tuned!


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