With a growing convergence of smartphone’s hardware, manufacturers are more and more seeking to the difference of phone’s appearance which is regarded as the most important factor. The factors like shell material, craft, color become the main criteria for judging the appearance of the phone. And now, with the rapid development of smartphone industry in recent years, the appearance and specification has undergone enormous changes, the shell material is also evolving. The shell material gradually evolved from plastic material which is including polycarbonate (PC), ABS, nylon, polysulfone, then the emergence of Kevlar, carbon fiber, glass, ceramic, stainless steel, metal and other material, and then to now full-metal body which is the trend of present high-end mobile phone, such as Apple iPhone 6s, Samsung Galaxy A8, Galaxy S6, Sony Xperia Z5, Motorola Moto X Style, Elephone M2, M3, S3, Vowney and so on.



As we all see that the most popular appearance is metal body, full-metal body makes the phone look more stylish, thinner, better texture, stronger protection, well received by consumers. The integration of full-metal body has been drawing high-end phones, but due to the high cost, the low-end phones cannot have it. Even the high-end mobile phone, manufacturers also keep the extremely cautious attitude for full-metal, because there are still many problems: complex process, high cost, severe fever, mask signal, low productivity, are restricting the development of integrated full-metal body.

 Elephone S3

In order to pursue higher product differentiation and fit the needs of consumers, Elephone is always trying best to find new materials, new technology for giving consumers the best experience. Elephone S3, aviation aluminum full metal body which is firm but light, has extraordinary grip feeling in hand. Coupled with bezel-less design like Elephone P9000 Edge, Elephone S3 provides the most natural and comfortable grip.

Considering the signal RF may be influenced by metal, our product engineering teams overcome the obstacles, in addition to continuing the mature three-stage ceramic antenna technology, but also adopting a new technology to enhance signal coupling, reinforces all signals of call, WIFI, Bluetooth, GPS. It will feature a 5.2-inch 1920 x 1080 display, and rear Touch ID which is similar to the Elephone M3.


Such a nice phone with full-metal, it is worth to expect for more. For more details about Elephone S3, you can check in previous article and stay tuned in the official website and be sure to follow us at YouTubeFaceBookTwitter, VK, and G+.

 Elephone S3