Throughout May 2016, Elephone S3 costs $179.99 (about £122.5) or roughly Rs 12,086 and it can be bought from Elephone official. Using the code ELE2016S3 will help you save an extra $8 of the price tag of the smartphone.

Bezel-less Smartphone by Elephone

Our smartphone is one of the most important devices we use on a daily basis, but picking the right one for your needs and budget can be tricky when there are so many different handsets lining the shelves. To help you make the right choice, we've planned to offer you buying guide to bring the definitive shortlist of the best bezel-less smartphone currently available and which ones are the best value for money in ELEPHONE Product Line.

Elephone S3 Bezel-Less Smartphone Full Metal

If none of the hot devices like the Samsung Galaxy S7, LG G5, and HTC One M10 (likely to be called the HTC 10) take your fancy and you want the affordable phone with best design, well, this is the place to be. We will talk about the Elephone S3 bezel-less smartphone today. A close-up video of the Elephone S3 could be checked below:

Elephone S3 with a groundbreaking bezel-less display, just like the upcoming Elephone P9000 Edge, and a full metal unibody will bring our approach to display innovation. It will feature a 5.2-inch 1920 x 1080 display, and rear Touch ID which is similiar to the Elephone P9000. Elephone S3 will come in three colours, in Gold, Rose Gold and Silver. ELEPHONE would launch S3 with a  to the market in late March or early April, promising to sell at a relatively lower price. We will bring you the must-have smartphone 2016 with best performance in the upcoming days, feel free to commment and let us know your opinion. Stay tuned! Elephone S3 Be sure to follow us at YouTube, FaceBook, Twitter, VK, and G+.