Just one trick--Let your girlfriend can not peek your phone any more.
Still contacting with your girlfriend via smartphone
100 contacts of hot girls in your phone
Lots of loveactionfilms in your phone
All of these, can not be detected by your current girlfriend. 
So how to protect your phone privacy and let your girlfriend unable to unlock your smartphone?
No worries from now on. It is so easy, Elephone teach you a trick---Just let your current girlfriend to became your Ex-Girlfriend ! Hahahahaha....
Just a joke..... So what is the best way to protect your own privacy in your smartphone? 
FingerPrint Lock will be a good choice for you---No need to worry about your password being peeked by other guys.
However, Elephone adopt other finger print, seems to be more effective.
Applied with more precise and fast fingerprint recognition module, unlocking method of Elephone P9000 will be a great different !