The 89th Oscar best film nomination has come out, have you seen these movies?

Here I want to recommend you guys one of the movies, La La Land.Charming music, intoxicating pictures,I wonder whether it attracts you?Anyway, I am deeply caught in this beautiful and heartbreaking story.



The story takes place in contemporary Los Angeles.Mia is the actress and playwright,Sebastian is a pianist and obsessed with Jazz.The same pursuit of the dream of the two met in each other in the city, singing,dancing and falling in love.



This is a beautiful story,hearbreaking too.
What I can't forget is the scenes in the movie.Those purple,romantic,love scenes.



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‘City of stars,are you shining just for me?
City of stars,there’s so much that I can’t see.
Who knows,I felt it from the first embrace I share with you.’
<City of Stars>By Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone

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Here’s to the ones who dream.
Here’s to the ones who love life.
Here’s to the ones who …


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