MT6755 Octa-core Gaming Smartphone - Elephone M3 Mobile Phone

Like you know, to get better gaming experience on mobile phone, you should buy phones with powerful enough GPU. Hence, the chipset of your smartphone matters! Helio P10 Octa-core SOC is among the chipset list with strong GPU. And the Elephone M3 is an octa-core gaming smartphone proudly powered by this chipset.

Helio P10 Octa-core Gaming Smartphone - Elephone M3

Elephone M3 Review - With 21 Mega-pixel Back Camera & Finger print Scanner

Frequently, price conscious mobile phone predators on the lookout for the newest and ideal in features and operating-system versions are already shafted by many manufacturers selling flagship telephones at excessive selling prices.

Elephone M3 is a 4G Android OS mobile sporting Android 6.0 Marshmallow- the newest version of android up to now. Let's jump into this brand-new cell phone and discover what exactly helps it shines from others in the complete Elephone M3 Review.



The Elephone M3, at a peek, looks the part of a costlier high-end mobile.  Different from some other first-rate smartphones, the Elephone M3 is somewhat thicker and weightier mainly because of its truly substantial battery.

Even if this might cause a challenge for folks with extremely small hands, the dimensions and body weight cause it to feel much more like a power user's smartphone instead of a plaything.



Having a 5.5 inches IPS display screen having a 1080p HD screen resolution (particularly 1920 * 1080), this smart phone is a actual monster.

Despite the fact its large measurements would bring a lot of people trouble with single-hand operations, the Elephone M3 makes up for it with its display quality.

It brings about a gorgeous multi-media smartphone for watching all the things from podcasts to HD films Providing a sharpness seldom seen at such price point and vibrant colors as well as outstanding viewing angles.


Overall performance

With octa-core CPU at 2.0GHz clock speed and Mali-T860 MP2 700Mhz GPU, M3 is able to behave as Octa-core Gaming Smartphone. The MediaTek Helio P10 energizes the Elephone M3 without having to break into a sweatsweat.

Octa-core Gaming Smartphone - Elephone M3-GPU CPU

It may execute all of the most recent games and videos in beautiful details without having to break into a sweat. It can run hefty video games in amazing high-definition and immediately launching substantial mobile apps within seconds.

With 3 GB of RAM memory besides working with an productive 8-core CPU, this phone can be a multi-tasking monster and  quickly pull ahead of the majority of other devices which just bear 2 Gigabyte of RAM.



The Elephone M3 just has 16 Gigabytes of integrated storage memory .Though being only borderline acceptable, it can be expanded as many as 128-Gigabyte with a Micro SD card.

Regarding Connectivity, the Elephone M3 is no slob. Providing the most current Bluetooth 4.0, 4G LTE, 3G, Wi-fi, and mobile tethering choices. Even if without a gyroscope sensor, its integrated accelerometer is enough for a large percentage of video games and applications which demand movement.

But with regards to navigation, the Elephone M3 is loaded with a GPS and also a digital compass for absolute location accuracy. Eventually, its finger print sensing unit permits simple and simple to use protection; it utilizes the sensor in its screen locking along with additional more personal apps just like a password change.



Amongst the important marketing points of the M3, its camera is the description of toptop-of-the-range. Using a exquisite 21 Mega-pixel backside camera with a Sony IMX230 sensor and a 5mega-pixel scanner on the front side.

Octa-core Gaming Smartphone - Elephone M3-cameras

This telephone allows you to shoot impressive photos, day and nite. Furthermore, it has the ability to capture video clips in 1080p FHD; this the best available resolution today save for 4K. The front camera is no stoop also, remaining appropriate for selfies with a vast angle.


Li-Po Battery Life-span

The Elephone M3 packages a 3050 mAh Li-Po battery. It's far more battery capacity than that in the majority of phones you'll find , getting closer to the average capacity of tablet PCs. Along with the power saving capabilities of the MediaTek Helio P10 MT6755, this giant can last you for the full day inspite of the fact that it's quite octa-core gaming smartphone.

Octa-core Gaming Smartphone - Elephone M3-battery


Ultimate Verdict

With the add-on of the newest version of android and even additional high-class specifications , the Elephone M3 is a phone which unquestionably offers you the most bang-for-your-buck and is a nice deal for every person from the multi-media buff to the power user to everyone somewhere between. Have a look at following Pricing part for more information on prices.


Price tag & Buy on official website

So far as the pricing is concerned, you could obtain this at a presale price of just roughly $200. Pre-order Elephone M3 on Elephone official