Brands have traditionally had as much influence over our technology choices as our fashion choices. We buy an iPhone or a Samsung phone for the same reasons we buy an Armani suit or a pair of Louboutin shoes – because they look good and they are associated with quality.


But as smartphones have become more and more commercialized, the reasons to fork out hundreds of pounds for a designer handset have become fewer. These days you can get your hands on a device that looks just as good and has most of the same features as the high-end handsets, for a third of the price.


Elephone another product, Elephone M2 is a prime example. With a subtly elegant design, a spec list to rival those of its "Tier 1" competitors, and a price tag of less than $240, it's becoming hard to think of reasons to keep paying exorbitant prices for premium brands.


Covered with metal body, equipped with 5.5 inches FHD LG screen, Elephone M2 with large memory 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM runs very smoothly as well as saves power. Even in an emergency, you will not miss a call or an emergency file because of laggy.


Elephone M2 is powered by a 64-bit MT6753 1.3GHz true octa-core chipset, featuring smooth running, electricity saving and low power consumption. High speed amuses people, in either life or work, with a fast mobile phone can make you feel relax and happy.


Elephone M2 is equipped with Sony MX214 stack type CMOS image sensor, 13.0MP rear camera, 5.0MP front camera, aperture F2.0 and a single effective pixel size 0.063 * 0.063. The excellent IMX214 ensures that picture is showed delicate as well as vivid, and don't miss any details.


Front press touch ID makes more convenient, fast and safe. (More products with touch ID: Elephone P9000, P9000Lite, P9000Edge, M3) You only need to put your finger on the Home key for just 0.5s, with 360 degrees security unlock and only one step, fingerprint unlock will ensure your privacy more safe, and enjoy the same user experience with iPhone 6s.


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