Compared to mental body phone by parts, the full metal phone is becoming an increasingly popular good nowadays. Meanwhile, the area of full metal body phone just like a hot cake in global smartphone market.


For heat dispersion, the full metal phone is better than mental body phone by parts. As we all know, more and more well-equipped smartphone has been produced. But its disadvantages are also obvious, such as high power consumption, over-hot phone body if it's experiencing lengthy periods of workloads. Fortunately, the full metal phone can take advantage of the whole metal body to help the inner elements disperse the heat quickly in case the CPU is burn out. While the metal body phone by parts can only use the tiny parts to achieve the part of the effect. It’s not only time-consuming, but also inefficient.


Except for elegant interface, full metal phone is better than mental body phone by parts in crush resistance and strength resistance. From a very large extent, the metal body just like a strong and hard cover to protect the whole phone and its inner elements. That means it can enhance smartphone’s quality and extend the smartphone’s life. Therefore, in the long term, it can help user save a lot money.


Then the ELEPHONE S3 smartphone is coming.


In order to achieve perfection, Elephone S3’s metal frame is molded by a unique 209-step manufacturing procedure, which using anodic oxidation coating and sand blasting on the surface. Although this leads to 400% increase in the cost, it achieves the amazing effect that the tough body shape goes through a rigorous process and the unexpected holding experience come from the solidified metal. 


Coming from 209 steps refine processes, Elephone S3, the full metal design, tell the world Better Phone Better Life!