Android N is currently being developed, but it's official name is not confirmed yet. Last week Moto leaked the Android O. As Google is crazy about the alphabet, in Alphabet letter N follows by letter O. It guessed to be the next version by Android.

Lenovo's sub-brand Moto takes one step ahead and points Moto G4 Plus will be upgradeable to Android N and Android O. The former remains to be in development but it is likely to launch later this year.
Which makes sure that the handset’s upgrade to Android N is really a certain. However what’s most interesting is that Motorola appears to be quite certain that they are going to bump it to Android O, which should be released in 2017, although the moment it will make its method to OEMs and so they find their way to pushing out of the update, we’re probably taking a look at a 2018 release.

Supposing that Motorola does indeed adhere to their updates the handset to Android O, we suppose those people thinking about handset can be sure knowing your phone will work for no less than two major OS updates. Obviously things could change in the process, for the time being it is the infos as we know it.

But for Elephone, what's your expect?