In the era that smartphone is not so all-pervading, the standard aspect ratio of PC and TV is 4:3. Then, for a long time, 4:3 is the standard of display size in people's mind. With the development of smartphone, the 16:9 aspect ratio replaced 4:3, even PC is closer to 16:9.

This year, LG released its G6 with 18:9 display, and then Samsung also released their 18.5:9 flagship -- Samsung Galaxy S7. So, 18:9 aspect ratio becomes popular nowadays. But how many users can afford the 18:9 smartphone?How to experience the visual shock and the comfortable holding feeling?

ELEPHONE will launch a new smartphone with 18:9 aspect ratio. But now, we do not get too much information. From the picture, we can see that it equipped with a curved display. Besides, the front camera will use dual camera and flash, which can be a new camera beast in 2017 as P8 and P8 mini.

Now, we still do not know the price of this smartphone, but we can keep expecting for its affordable price!

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