Information about the new smartphone ELEPHONE U and ELEPHONE U Pro have already been published on the official website of ELEPHONE. Great modern processors, such as Qualcomm Snapdragon 660, and the curved flexible AMOLED  display has made them absolutely hot cakes! Among the smartphones presently on the market, only Samsung Galaxy S8 and Note8 are equipped with this type of display, so if ELEPHONE U and ELEPHONE U Pro get real curved flexible AMOLED displays, they will become the 3rd and 4th handsets respectively, following Samsung Galaxy S8 and Note8.


However, according to current information, ELEPHONE doesn’t use screens produced by Samsung for its new models ELEPHONE U and ELEPHONE U Pro, then what is this display and where is it from? We had looked for a long time to answer the resource research in China, and it was found.



This display for smartphone ELEPHONE U and ELEPHONE U Pro is made by BOE. In China, there are many other famous smartphone manufacturers - Huawei, Xiaomi, Meizu, OPPO, but why BOE choose ELEPHONE as its first business partner to use curved displays? The answer is obvious, the brand awareness of the Elephone has increased greatly as well as worldwide influence.




The advantages of AMOLED:
1.Thinness is the first advantage for AMOLED display. A typical AMOLED display has an organic plastic layer that is about 100 to 500 nanometers thick, which is about 200 times thinner than the strand of human hair, thus making it thinner, lighter, and more flexible than the normal layers of LED or LCD display. This thinness also produces brighter luminescence compared with LED.

2.Energy efficiency is another advantage of AMOLED display. It is more energy efficient than LED and LCD, as well as fluorescent lamps for numerous reasons. For example, they emits light without generating too much heat and losing too much energy because heat transfer is lesser.

3.AMOLED display does not require backlighting unlike LCD because each pixel of organic material generates light itself. Within the same display, power consumption is uneven, focusing mostly on active pixels as represented by the on-screen image.
4.Eco-friendliness is another advantage of AMOLED over its counterparts.


ELEPHONE U PRO is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 processor and AMOLED screen with a diagonal of 5.99" and FHD+ resolution, occupying 89.9% of the total area, effectively using the front side. The ELEPHONE U Pro will be equipped with 6GB + 128GB memory in the maximum version and the dual main 13MP Samsung camera is optimized with Arcsoft algorithms,which has the function of excellent night shooting, depth of field and the ability to focus after shooting.



The back cover of ELEPHONE U Pro is created, using the same technologies as for ELEPHONE S7 and ELEPHONE S8, using Corning Gorilla Glass, and its 4 sides are rounded. The case is made of aluminum alloy with the use of ceramic and technology, which is very comfortable and convenient to hold in hands.

In addition, the ELEPHONE U Pro supports fast and wireless charging, as well as NFC.



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