Elephone always keep pace with the time, Elephone P9000 will be expected to carry Android 7.0.
Android 7.0 has been released by Google on 2016 developer conference, some significant improvements are made in performance, security and productivity.
The range of raise on software running rate reaches to 600%, and the speed of application installation improved 75%.
Except for the operating efficiency, Android 7.0 also bring us more new functions, such as: Split - screen window, Emoji extension expressions, Traffic rights management, etc.
Thus, i believe more users expect to experience these features on Android 7.0.
In order to meet the demand of users, engineers in Elephone has brought the adaptation development program on the agenda immediately after the launch of Android 7.0.
At present, the adaptation development program of Elephone P9000 is being developed urgently, screen light work has been accomplished already.
Users of Elephone P9000 are expected to use Android 7.0 operating system in mid-November.
After the achievement of Elephone P9000's Android 7.0 adaptation, all new P9000 sold later will be applied with Android 7.0 operating system.
As to users who already have P9000, the updation of Android 7.0 can be reached through OTA.
According to schedule, users of Elephone P9000 are expected to become the first one to use Android 7.0 except for Nexus series.
So Elephone P9000 will be your best choice if you want to experience the new features on Android 7.0 .
Elephone P9000: Helio P10\4GB RAM\32GB ROM\5.5"FHD Ultra-thin screen\Fingerprint recognition\Wireless charge
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