Now we have the newest device from Meizu---Meizu M3 Note. Another device powered by Helio P10. It's time to take a look at how it compares against the mainstream Android flagship of 2016---the Elephone P9000

First, let's have a close look at the quick comparison between Elephone P9000 and Meizu M3 Note.

Learning from the video, we know these 2 devices mainly differs in screen to body ratio. Elephone P9000 has a screen to body ratio at 76.75% , while Meizu M3 Note is 71.89% ,  We tag the picture here for you to have a closer understanding about it.

Besides different screen to body ratio, we also searched the different specs, they all have 5.5 inches display and other similarities. You must want to know how much they priced. Source from AliExpress, Elephone P9000 is sold at $219.99--229.99, while Meizu M3 Note's at $219.99--249.99.


Please see the picture below.