Dual microphone noise reduction of Elephone P9000 edge
Elephone has exposed their flagship smartphone 
not long ago----Elephone P9000 edge.
2K JDI  5.7 bezel-less inch screen and dual cameras and 
other features have atteacted the eyes of most users.
In addition, Elephone P9000Edge will be applied with 
dual microphone noise reduction technology.
Dual microphone noise reduction means two microphones 
will be built into smartphone. One is for stabilizing clear call, 
another is for microphone noise cancellation, 
which is handled by collecting outside voices.
This microphone which is for microphone noise cancellation 
is beneath the rear flash light of P9000edge.
The effect of dual microphone noise reduction is reducing outside noise. 
For example, when you are calling in a noise street, 
phone allocated with dual microphone noise reduction can 
minimize the outside noise. 
So person nearby can not even listen what you are saying, 
however, the person other end of phone can hear you clearly.
That is the effect of dual microphone noise reduction technology.