Born to enhance flagship battery lifespan, mid-range performance

ARM announced a latest processor design - Cortex-A73 (also known as Artemis), a small-scale while significant improvement on top of the existing A72 seen in many flagship and upper-mid-range tablets or smartphones.

ARM announced a latest processor design - Cortex-A73

Maybe the major adjustment is dimensions - the newer design is in physical form 25% smaller-sized than that it takes the place of. This fact will enable chipset manufacturers to develop hexa-core(10-core) designs (2x A73 + 4x A53) which are exactly the same dimensions as an octa-core(8-core) A53 processor chip.

And that means you obtain a large single-core performance improvement at the exact same cost (the cost of silicon chips is proportionate to their dimensions). Essentially, ARM considers chipsets such as the Snapdragon 650 as the solution for mid-range products.

The Cortex-A73 has quite a lot to provide for flagships as well. The key improvement will be endured performance - although the older CPU can certainly burst high and in the end slows down if it becomes too hot, the newer one will be able to remain at the same performance level even if it's experiencing lengthy periods of workloads.

At the same nanometers plus clock speed, the A73 will give a nice 20% power reductions simultaneously running 10% quicker than the earlier CPU. However , A73 that is built on the existing process will probably be consigned to mid-rangers.

As an alternative, ARM sees things shifting on to 10nm when the A73 will be able to deliver a 30% performance improvement with 30% power use when compared with an A72 CPU built on 16nm process. This fact will make it possible for a Cortex-A73 core to do the job at 2.8GHz and also remain less than 750mW of power.


Cortex-A73 Processor Chip


To date, the ARM Cortex -A73 is the most productive and highest performance processor. The Cortex-A73 provides 30 percent more performance than the Cortex-A72 .

The Cortex-A73 is additionally the tiniest top-quality ARMv8-A processor chip. The Cortex-A73 offers the maximum single-thread performance in the most compact footprint area. The Cortex-A73 scales into mid-range mobile phones and consumer-level eletronics to deliver the fastest response time and therefore improve the consumer experience.