As a young brand, ELEPHONE develops very fast. ELEPHONE’s products attracted many attentions from media to users. Why they choose ELEPHONE?



The price of ELEPHONE is the key weapon. But low price doesn’t mean low quality. ELEPHONE makes efforts to find the balance between price and quality. In the affordable price range, it chooses the highest quality materials to achieve its goal of the cost-effective phone. In 2018, ELEPHONE’s flagship ELEPHONE U Pro, the price will be around $300 to $450. Even it sells with the price of $450, the price is still lower than Samsung S8, even the upcoming Samsung S9. For those who want to experience curved flexible screen but do not have enough budget, ELEPHONE U is definitely a good choice for you.


Products valuation

Why do users want to buy? It depends on media’s high praise. From ELEPHONE S7 to ELEPHONE S8, ELEPHONE earns its awareness step by step based on its products quality. In fact, it is ELEPHONE’s products which help increase the brand awareness of ELEPHONE. Let’s have a look at what media talk about ELEPHONE’s products.





“The Elephone S7 holds up as a capable device. The hardware is pretty good and it runs an almost stock version of Android, which is a nice change of pace from what we usually see with Chinese phones.”


“The technical specifications of ElePhone's S7 are very promising and the first impression is also positive.”


“There’s no doubt that the Elephone S7 is a great looking device”


“The Elephone S7 is another affordable device from a Chinese manufacturer, packing decent internal components and looking to become the next flagship killer.”





“In fact, the Elephone S8's 2560 X 1440 (aka Quad HD) resolution tops not just the Xiaomi Mi Mix, but it's recently released sequel, the Mi Mix 2, and most other budgets Chinese bezel-less phones on the market. This is a big deal, considering the Elephone S8, priced at $270, is almost certainly a budget phone of its own.”


"This might be my new favorite phone under $300 box. This might be the coolest phone you've never heard of."

--Unbox Therapy



In conclusion, professional YouTubers and media, which do the review based on the products itself, praised highly for ELEPHONE’s products. That’s why users trust ELEPHONE and want to buy ELEPHONE’s products.

For the upcoming ELEPHONE U and U Pro, there must be an expectation for this!




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