A couple of weeks ago, we invited an Elefan to ask our CEO Mr. Ji 5 questions, and this week, it’s our designer’s turn. Let’s see what they talked about ELEPHONE A4 Pro.

Q: Please introduce yourself and your position at ELEPHONE.
A: Hi, my name is Kevin, the ID designer of engineer team, I have been on this filed for more than 7 years. My team mainly specialize in designing the product appearance like screen types, component location, colorway of the back cover and so on.

Q: Can you give a brief introduction to the smartphone design? And which aspect do you think is the most important?
A: At first, we have to confirm the screen style, such as a notch screen or a waterdrop screen. Secondly, some specifications, for example, the device thickness, the location and quantities of cameras, fingerprint sensor and the like. Finally, it turns to the back cover material and colorway.
The most important aspects? User experience of course, we strive to make the smartphone feel good in hands and optimize photo effect. To satisfy Elefans' requirement is what we always pursuit.

Q: Can you tell us about the design of A4 Pro? Which part is your favorite?
A: Speaking of the A4pro, the glass back cover and the metal frame are my favorite parts. In order to achieve the gradient effect of the back cover, we use oxidation process and a polishing coating technology with the frame in a very natural way.

Q: What do you think of the notch screen smartphone, do you think it is a compromise to the full screen?
A: In my opinion, notch-screen is not much of a compromise. It's more like a progress, with a good solution moving toward a larger screen-to-body ratio. And of course, the pop-up camera is also an innovation and more obvious progress which offer even larger screen-to-body ratio.

Q: Can you tell us which project are you working on?
A: We've always kept an eye on the cutting edge of technology, like Pop-up camera, Triple camera and Under-screen fingerprint scanner. So please keep following us, surprises are coming as a snowball.

BTW, A4 Pro now is available for just $139.39 on Aliexpress>>>https://t.co/YHCAx85ZjF