Crowdfunding has a long history with several roots.It has been used to fund a wide range for-profit entrepreneurial ventures such as artistic and creative projects, medical expenses, travel, or community-oriented social entrepreneurship projects.

We have seen a lot of interesting works on various crowdfunding websites such as kickstarter, but have you seen the crowdfunding of the mobile phones?elePhone recently changed our own website into a public platform, and released our first work.

elePhone Z1 is a new elePhone launched by the mobile phone products, its biggest selling point is that it has 6GB running memory, which is advanced in the mobile phone market recently. A large 6GB of memory, you can run multiple softwares at one time.Moreover, the large capacity can store up almost 200 movies, just enjoy your movie time!



 The Z1 crowdfunding program is hot in progress,come support us now,you can have it for only $189.99!! There are three different ways to support us:

1.Funding $189.99 now and get one elePhone Z1 that worth $229.99 as soon as the the program is completed.
2.Prepay $49.99 in advance. Pay only 150 dollars more when elePhone Z1 is on sale , which means 30 dollars off ,and enjoy delivery-priority .
3.We’re looking forward to your support, as soon as the the project is completed, we will pick lucky supporters out of the supporters ,the lucky one will get one ElePhone Z1 or coupon for free.



You can check out more details during our official website.

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