Bezel-less Display Metal Body Phones List - Elephone S3 Design, Chipset, Camera, Battery Review

Loads of companies nowadays are picking metal frame to design their mobile phones and catch the attention of customers. Currently we find metal body phones even in mid-range products. Metal body actually give an edge to a handset, when it comes to design. Elephone S3 is in the Metal Body list.

Elephone S3 costs $179.99 (about £122.5) or roughly Rs 12,086 and it can be bought from Elephone official.

Elephone S3 is in the Metal Body list

Why metal body phones?

Cell phones have finally grow to be an essential part of our lives and help to express our style. The marketplace is filled with a number of cell phones, but not all have good appearance and desirable features. Metal body used to be found only in some high price smartphones. Now it become popular and fashionable.

Elephone has launched the newest device, Elephone S3 mobile phone in its S line that is the latest bezel-less mobile phone so far, It is well-known that Elephone has got several flagship mobile phone in 2016, Elephone P9000 that is a member of P series, and it's furthermore broadened its business to action camera, android wearable, and fast phone chargers (including PE+ wireless charger)lately. Ultimately, Elephone is widely recognized for its mobile phone with both outstanding performance and affordable price tag. In addition, Elephone S3 is currently in pre-order, however , we get one in hands right now.


 Bezel-less Display Screen

 bezel-less metal phones S3

Elephone S3 comes with 5.2" bezel-less 2.5D arc-shaped display screen with 1080p full HD Incell display technology and 3D curved glass. Its screen resolution is as high as 1920*1080 p,424 PPI to make the display more crystal-clear and sharp. This bezel-less phone has 2 classic bars on the front side, one is on the top with phone receiver and selfie camera, while the bottom bar has nothing, At the same time, it employs metal uni-body with CNC cutting technology. However, Elephone S3 doesn't support USB Type C port that makes us frustrated. Based on the over-all design, Elephone S3 is filled with mobility and fashion for me personally. I can take or bring it and hold it in one hand easily.


Chipset and Memory

Elephone S3 is driven by MTK6753 Octa-core 1.3Ghz processor chip, and Mali-T720 Graphics , even though it's older processor chip in comparison with a few products just like UMI Super, it actually works quickly. For the reason that Elephone S3 concentrates on its design and features, Elephone determines to employ the classic processor chip to allow you to play the mobile phone more steadily.

In the meantime, it comes with 3GB RAM as well as 16GB ROM (can be expanded to 128GB) builtin storage, which boosts the running efficiency to perform multiple-tasking just like playing games, watching Videos, reading e-books, and so on. So after long-term using of many customers, it has proven MTK6753 Octa-core processor chip is a lot more steady.



Each time we pick a mobile phone, we additionally care a lot about its cameras, Elephone s3 comes with 5.0Megapixel OV5670 selfie shooter, 13.0Megapixel Sony IMX135 sensor with flash light & auto-focus rear camera, I've attempted to take some photos with the rear camera in the house, it presents crystal clear photos with no over exposure & white balance. It's less clear when I take pictures in the evening. I think Elephone ought to enhance its mobile phone to take good photos at night.


Battery Lifespan

We must disappoint you that Elephone S3 merely has 2100mAh non-detachable LiPo battery. In comparison with those over-3,000mAh battery, Elephone S3 is said to support as many as 150 hrs standby and 8 hrs phone call. It still behaves not so strong in its battery. It's fortunate that Elephone S3 supports speedy charging technology, I can easily charge it to 100% in a single hour. However, I must point out that we need to charge Elephone S3 phone every single day if it is used for long-time gaming.


Various other features

Elephone S3 supports dual SIM, dual standby, fast charging, off screen wake up, 4G LTE network as well as fingerprint reading .Certainly, it is able to support multiple languages so users can switch to their native language. At the same time, it comes with GPS and A-GPS positioning technology . Another awesome feature is the fact that it runs Android 6.0 operating system out of the box. I not only can experience the elegant design and style but also the most up-to-date operating-system I prefer.



I believe that Elephone S3 has made huge improvement in these unique bezel-less and metal body phones, the MTK6753 chipset works perfectly for me to play online games, and other features such as 4G LTE, GPS, fingerprint scanner, multiple-language are actually useful for me. As to its battery lifespan, I believe Elephone should have done much better.