Great news to all Elephone P8000 users, Android 6.0 is under testing. It will be ready soon.


Let's talk about the main new features in it. First, Notifications and Quick Settings.  A single swipe down from the top of the home screen will pull down the notifications shade, which can be expanded or tapped to launch the full app. The Quick Settings area displays your screen brightness slider as well as toggles for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, mobile data and so on.

Second, App permissions

This means you are in control of whether or not an app has access to something as critical as your microphone or camera. Some apps might not work properly with certain permissions disabled, but the onus is on the app developers to stabilize their apps without all permissions granted, not on you to accept what you might feel are unnecessary permissions.

Third, Doze, an intelligent battery management

Doze is an intelligent battery management feature that recognizes when your device is not is use, like when it has been lying on a bedside table for a while, and enters hibernation.

Elephone P8000 android 6.0 is supposed to come to the market within this month. Thanks for your support and Sorry for the long waiting.