Elephone S3 is a new bezel-less smartphone released by Elephone in 2016, a China-based phone manufacturer, which has released many popular smartphones before. 

Elephone S3 costs $179.99 (about £122.5) or roughly Rs 12,086 and it can be bought from Elephone official. Using the code ELE2016S3 will help you save an extra $8 of the price tag of the smartphone.

Today we’ll show you a review in detail about Elephone S3.



Packing Box

The mobile phone box, actually, plays an important role in a new phone review. The box of Elephone S3 is a white cuboid with enough room. And the direct feeling you get is slight when you unpacking and placing it on your palms. In fact, in order to be more environmentally friendly, we apply some special materials to our phone box which has amazing function including waterproof, shockproof and falling defending.


Besides, you can see some major data of design of Elephone S3 at the bottom of the box, which can make you have a rough idea of your new phone.


the Back of Elephone S3



You feel good when you hold the S3 in hand for its metal materials and decent size. In addition, Elephone S3 is a metal unibody phone with CNC cutting technology. Because of full metal phone body, Elephone S3 does very well in heat dispersion, especially if it's experiencing lengthy periods of workloads.



Moreover, in order to provide more comfortable use feeling for overseas customers, Elephone S3 supports dual-SIM card 4G network featuring 150Mbps. It can automatically switch between the two based on the network available. 6- model and 18 frequency connectivity, more freedom for internet access.


The Front of Elephone S3



You’ll have to be surprised about Elephone S3 bezel-less screen, which breaks the vision control and generates the most shocking visible experience over the 5.2 ins phone screen. Meanwhile, in order to stretch visual screen and strengthen this visual effect, Elephone S3 can hide all the home buttons on the screen.



Also, Elephone S3 performs Android 6.0 Marshmallow which is the latest edition of Google's operating system. Then you can find that the phone still operates much quickly and smoothly even though there are several processes working at the same time.


At the bottom of phone, there are loudspeaker and microphone. According to the user, Elephone S3 has perfect volume, fine voice quality and high-grade fidelity. That means you can enjoy the music and video to the fullest.




The parameter of charger of Elephone S3 is 5V-2A, which can achieve quick charging. Indeed, Elephone S3 is equipped with quick charge technology which improve 40% in charging speed. And 30 minutes charged is enough for all day.


Another innovation applied in Elephone S3 is Ruler Cable. Our cable comes with ruler design, which can be used to measure people’s BWH and baby’s height etc. And we choose Green TPE coat to express the concept of environmentally friendly, softness and durability.



In addition, we give a free phone cover case, which can show different figures under different light. It’s definitely amazing.