Recently, sevaral new models has been exposed by Elephone, and now a mysterious product will be launched soon as the cooperation with China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (Hereinafter referred to as "CASC").
It is reported that this new model is developed and designed by CASC and Elephone, aslo this is the first cooperation bewteen them.
This exquisite product is customized for high-end users all over the world, no matter the quality, design as well as  aesthetic, all of them contains 
a very high technological content and aesthetic value.
As we know, as the representatives of the advanced science and technology in China, CASC has achieved a great success on satellites, manned spacecraft and satellite communications and other fields.
So, as to the cooperation with CASC, Elephone has also put the whole resources in the company on this project only for a perfect product, finally bringing the ultimate experience for our terminal users.
So what exactly is this products that so many people expect it?
Maybe we can have a clue from the following pictures.