There are 6 good reasons to make this your next phone!


1. Full screen, also featuring flexible screen and curved screen.



ELEPHONE U and U Pro are equipped with a flexible AMOLED screen and are the third smartphone in the world powered with a screen of this type, a flexible AMOLED screen produced by BOE. Forget about Huawei and Xiaomi, ELEPHONE is the first company in China to use BOE display, and we can see that ELEPHONE has a huge impact on the sphere of smartphone technologies.

The difference between this screen and the usual LCD is that AMOLED uses the principle of luminous pixels, which not only saves energy but also has a wider color gamut and spectrum. AMOLED is definitely brighter than the usual display and have higher response speed.

ELEPHONE U and U Pro with the aspect ratio of 18:9 and FHD+ resolution, has the better visual impression and the larger visible area. A more elongated screen that will allow you to look wider.



2. This is the first time ELEPHONE has used a high-performance high-end Qualcomm processor.



ELEPHONE Trunk is the first model of ELEPHONE on the Qualcomm processor, but ELEPHONE U Pro is going to be the first high-performance model.

ELEPHONE U Pro is equipped with a Snapdragon 660 processor. The Snapdragon 660 differs from its predecessor Snapdragon 653 by improving the processor technology from 24nm to 14nm. Phone performance and power consumption are improved significantly. The processor's performance has now grown by at least 20% from the previous model.

With Snapdragon 660 processor and AMOLED screen with low power consumption, we believe, the user will gain the best ever experience.



3. High performance - revealing an unexpected surprise.



ELEPHONE U, formerly known as ELEPHONE S9, as well as ELEPHONE S7 and ELEPHONE S8 are the series of high-quality ELEPHONE products. ELEPHONE U has also retained the benefits of good-looking appearance from the previous two models. The back side is also created using the same shiny technology and a durable 3D glass back, that protects the smartphone perfectly.

In the manufacturing of U and U pro, a more expensive aluminum alloy, anodic-ceramic technology, is used, so that the entire smartphone glistens dazzlingly.

ELEPHONE U also developed a body curved from 4 sides, i.e. the front and back sides of U and U Pro are made of curved glass, which gives one a wonderful visual impression.

The logo of the ELEPHONE at the back side also has the function of a notification indicator and can be customized according to your preferences.



4. The best impression of a true dual camera, providing high-quality photos.



In the dual 13MP camera ELEPHONE U and U pro use image processing algorithms from the very established brand of Arcsoft. Whether you click at twilight or deep night, the picture taken on ELEPHONE U and U pro will give you the best impressions.



5. No need to worry about charging, ELEPHONE makes charging pleasant.




ELEPHONE U Pro supports not only the fast charging function QC, but also provides the wireless charging function.

How much efficient is this fast charging feature? In less than 1 hour, the 3550 mAh battery can be fully charged, which gives you the opportunity to use your smartphone all day.

The ELEPHONE U and U Pro are also equipped with a Type-C interface, which not only allows fast charging but a higher data transfer rate and ease of connection by either side. And wireless charging will help you to charge your device and overcome all the inconveniences caused by the requirement to charge your smartphone every once in a while.



6. A large amount of memory will help you to forget about the problem of lack of space.



ELEPHONE U Pro has a large memory capacity up to 6 + 128 GB, also there may have 4 +64 GB version. And its type DDR4X RAM works very quickly. The storage can hold at once up to 10,000 photos in the resolution of 16Mp, 20,000 high-quality music files, 5 hours of HD video. The internal storage is 128 GB. Forget about the delete button, save all your files.



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