As a hot device today, ELEPHONE S8 attracted many attentions. The order amount is beyond imagination. As a near-flagship mobile, why ELEPHONE S8 is so attractive?


1. Tri-bezel-less 2K display

Following the steps of Xiaomi Mix, ELEPHONE S8 adopted the tri-bezel-less design, and also enlarge the screen-to-body ratio to achieve the best immersive experience. Large screen-to-body is only the first principle for immersive effect, while high-resolution screen also makes sense. When looking at all tri-bezel-less screen phones, their resolution is FHD(1920*1080), even Xiaomi Mix 2(which is the recent released-phone) also uses FHD+. But if you want to have a better visual experience when playing games and watching videos, you need a better screen. Otherwise, immersive experience will be only a word. ELEPHONE S8 equipped with 2K(2560*1080) screen, which promised the clearer and high-saturated display effect. Some users doubt that 2K display is darker than FHD display, and it can not show the clear screen contents under the sunlight. But this isn’t the truth. As 2K display has more pixels to show more details of an image, then it will be darker than FHD display, S8 can adjust the lightness of screen with the changing of conditions. Under the sunlight, it can fulfill the normal needs.


2. Deca-core Helio X25 CPU

ELEPHONE S8 equipped with MTK platform flagship-level CPU---X25. With this high-end CPU, the speed of S8 is faster when playing games or watching movies. The clock speed of ELEPHONE S8 can reach up to 2.5GHz, which can increase the speed up to 62% than normal CPU, meanwhile, it can reduce 30% power consumption.


3. 4+64GB

X25 Platform can support up to 4GB RAM. ELEPHONE S8 has this highest RAM, and also the ROM is 64GB. Deca-core CPU, together with 4GB RAM, the performance speed on S8 is beyond our imagination. When talks about the system, S8 uses the normal Android 7.1.1 stock system, which is clearer and convenient. 64GB storage can help you save lots of movies and music. Meanwhile, S8 supports OTG, which can increase the storage without limitation.


4. Lumia glass back cover

After several times of discussion, we decide to use the lumia back design like our ELEPHONE S7. Besides, to prevent being scratched, we changed the plastic material on S7 to the glass back cover on S8. Now, the back is persistent, which is artistic and also useful.


5. Large battery

We put a 4000mAh high-density battery in S8. Battery competition becomes more and more drastic. Every brand released their large battery capacity smartphones, but, does large battery really mean high duration? No! Capacity is the base of a smartphone, while best software optimization and proper arranging are the most important points. After a long time discussing, our designers decided to use the ternary form to leave enough space for the phone. For normal demands, we also are making efforts to optimize our battery. Meanwhile, we have Type-C port and quick-charge function, with it, you will have no mistake when charging.

Maybe, others sell goods, but ELEPHONE sells real smartphone!