For the product quality, ELEPHONE not only keeps a high standard, but carried on a lot of practical arrangements. There is a strict operation standard for ELEPHONE assembly. The staff in every assembly line must be trained before working, and they must implement the assembly in strict accordance with the standard. Elephone factory is equipped with clean room to ensure the isolation for dust, and. each model equip a professional fixture to ensure the accuracy and quality in assembly. All the materials before assembly will have a comprehensive inspection,to ensure the fine quality of finished product. When the assembly has done, finished phone products will be inspected by whole .

Compared with others in the industry, ELEPHONE QC standard is more stringent. For example, the industrial practice for QC is 335, which means the situation of three bright spots, three dark, or not more than five bright and dark spots is allowed, but for Elephone, our QC standard is zero, which means that Elephone does not allow any bright or dark spot. In order to ensure the accuracy of test, Elephone equipped professional machines such as GPS signal amplifier and others. Except for the regular factory product test, Elephone conducts a reliability testing for each model, also equipped aboth professional aging laboratory and aging equipment to carry out environmental adaptation testing, drop testing, roller testing and so on. Liking under environmental adaptation aging test, high temperature aging, charing in extreme temperature, blowing dust and rocks test and something else test will be implemented in order to maintain overall quality and reliability of the whole device.