To snap up of ELEPHONE P7000 is very simple, and it mainly can be divided into two parts, reservation purchase and purchase without reservation. The price of these two ways is the same, $159.00. Through the promotion of $159.99 and the influence from snapping up the product, the popularity for products will be improved, thereby promotes the deal of the price $229.99.

The main process of reservation purchase is: customers make an appointment on ELEPHONE official website to gain the purchase qualification then purchase the ElE Code from the website on the day of activity, and then customers purchase the product at the price of $159.99 with the ElE Code in the activity from merchants. The reservation purchase only went on one time, and the number of reservation reached to 160,000. The pages of merchants were shown again and again, so they also gain great exposure.

Above screenshot shows the total number of reservation 35 mins before the reservation end.

Activities of purchase without reservation are organized by merchants, and it will start on every Wednesday. Customers can get the specific time for purchasing from merchants by browsing Elephone official website , and then to snap up directly at the opening time.

Through snap up activity about ELEPHONE P7000, ELEPHONE created a new sales model. Meanwhile, ELEPHONE and the merchants who participate in the activities have gained a lot of attention. Because of snaping up promotion activity, some websites even suffered a severe crash. The sales data for P7000 so far can proved that is a successful sale model.