In order to maintain the competitive market price at the same time to keep both good user experience and excellent product quality, ELEPHONE takes the sales flattening strategy, which eliminate the middle steps of the sales link so that Elephone can be directly facing the terminal retail merchants. There are many levels in the traditional manufacturer sales link, from the national exclusive sales and local exclusive sales to the end-retailers and so on, each link shares some a profit. As a result, for keeping comperirive price advantage what end-retailers can do is reduce cost only, while which will increase the probability of unqualified product quality. What Elephone chooses is facing end-retailer directly. On the basis of guaranteeing the quality to control costs, Elephone and terminal retailers only keep low-profit, so that Elphone product keep competitive prices, and maintain quality as well.

For conducting sales flattening strategy, ELEPHONE also provides a series of services to the terminal retailers to assist their sales.

1. First of all, ELEPHONE launches a service of drop-shipping, which means that it is no need to send the bulk goods fromChina to overseas. Terminal retailers only need to submit orders and shipping address toof end customers, and ELEPHONE will send directly from China to local end customers. Drop-shopping not only makes agents easier to join Elephone, also brought timeliness and economic advantages to agents. Through drop-shopping, terminal retail businesses can save the cost of $120 at most.

Picture of the time and cost which one generation can save for customers

Click to view a video on behalf of the process

2. In addition to drop-shopping, ELEPHONE will provide marketing service on the official website for the terminal retailers, including launching some info like advertisement and promotion info on the important position of website for customers. It is conservatively estimated that ELEPHONE will bring more than 100,000 pages view for customers; During the P7000 promotion activity, ELEPHONE lead views to its merchants’ website, which cause merchants’website briefly crash as the data will be too big to control .

Picture of the flow changes ELEPHONE website P7000 activity for Tesco Global
Picture of the flow changes ELEPHONE website P7000 activity for Dals
Picture of the flow changes ELEPHONE website P7000 activity for Aukey

3. Furthermore, ELEPHONE offers a full range of services like art design and advertisement to small and mediummerchants. ELEPHONE will prepare pamphlet of products and advertising banners to customer for using in advance. Besides,ELEPHONE exclusively launches advertising video service. ELEPHONE consume a huge sum of money to build their television group for making fabulous video and ads., All those service will be provided by Elephone for free to customers . (Click the link to enter ELEPHONE video display platform. Here is the link to youtube account of ELEPHONE)