P7000 event announcement
     P7000 received great interest since launch, and fans made pre-order eagerly. We appreciate your passionate support.
    The amount of pre-orders is much more than we expected, and good quality is our priority as
always. Such huge amount of pre-orders put too much pressure on the production, we’re sorry that a
smallpart of the pre-orders will be delayed. Right now, Elephone is speeding up the production, more
than 90% pre-orders will be produced and sent out before 15th of June. We regret to decide that the
P7000 snatch event on every Wednesday will terminate from 18th of June. We’re sorry about the
inconvenience to P7000 fans. Wednesday flash sale events returns when the production capacity problem is solved.
    While solving the production capacity problem, Elephone software engineers are trying to fix the
bugs and problems in the previous ROM, soon OTA update will be available.
Keep expecting and be surprised