In order to adjust the aftersales system and better improve our service quality,Elephone Oversea Aftersales Service Center will be suspended temporarily.
The one and the only of Elephone S8 is on the way ! No matter the appearance or the design, it has defeated most of existing models !
Elephone announced S7 will add fast charger PE+ 2.0.
Elephone S7 Special Edition -Wednesday, November 23, 2016
This is special edition for Elephone S7
Elephone S7 2+16GB version has been sold out within 10 days.
The notice of elephone s7 update the partly color
More details about these two flagship smartphones has come out the surface.
Elephone R9 will also carry E-touch 2.0
Elephone S7 and Elephone R9 appointment has started .
No kidding!Elephone S7 and Elephone R9 can be bought at this price...