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Elephone P9000 will be expected to carry Android 7.0
Elephone always keep pace with the time, Elephone P9000 will be expected to carry Android 7.0.
Android 7.0 has been released by Google on 2016 developer conference, some significant improvements are made in performance, security and productivity.
The range of raise on software running rate reaches to 600%, and the speed of application installation improved 75%.
Except for the operating efficiency, Android 7.0 also bring us more new functions, such as: Split - screen window, Emoji extension expressions, Traffic rights management, etc.
Thus, i believe more users expect to experience these features on Android 7.0.
In order to meet the demand of users, engineers in Elephone has brought the adaptation development program on the agenda immediately after the launch of Android 7.0.
At present, the adaptation development program of Elephone P9000 is being developed urgently, screen light work has been accomplished already.
Users of Elephone P9000 are expected to use Android 7.0 operating system in mid-November.
After the achievement of Elephone P9000's Android 7.0 adaptation, all new P9000 sold later will be applied with Android 7.0 operating system.
As to users who already have P9000, the updation of Android 7.0 can be reached through OTA.
According to schedule, users of Elephone P9000 are expected to become the first one to use Android 7.0 except for Nexus series.
So Elephone P9000 will be your best choice if you want to experience the new features on Android 7.0 .
Elephone P9000: Helio P10\4GB RAM\32GB ROM\5.5"FHD Ultra-thin screen\Fingerprint recognition\Wireless charge
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Back cover comparison between Elephone S7 & Samsung S7 edge
Lots of users want to know more details about Elephone S7, today we got a comparison videobetween Elephone S7 and Samsung S7 .
Unlike other devices, Elephone S7 uses the latest IMF process, which contains 15 complicated and superb craftsmanship. Turn around Elephone S7 gently, you should notice the fascinating lumia lines on the back. 
The whole lumia pours down directly, making your visual experience to the maximum, and obviously is more dazzling than Samsung S7.
Rumor has it that  the back cover is a piece of heartfelt art that Elephone try to dedicate to global users , which will also label elephone as stunning back cover besides its high  configuration .
When will it be available for pre-sale ? Let's wait for official news from Elephone.
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Elephone C1--Another new model will released by Elephone soon
Elephone has been planning on the pre-sale  on Elephone S7 and Elephone R9, 
just today, we learn that Elephone will release another new device named C1 .
Information about Elephone C1 : There will be 2 colors in dark bule and golden, 
android 6.0 out of the box, metal body, 5.5 inch HD, double flash, fingerprint sensor on the back to support  cold shield wake-up.
With C1 joining in the product line, we believe Elephone will target at  a tempting price to offer more choices to worldwide users .
More information about C1 remanins unknown, and Elephone will make a further 
explaination later .
More details at : http://www.elephone.hk/
Elephone S7 Official Introduction
Official promotional video of Elephone S7 has been launched recently, that means, the pre-sale time of this new model is on the way.
Powered by 10-core MTK Helio X20 chipset, Elephone S7 pose 5.5" FHD beael-less screen.
It adopts In-Cell processing, radian sense is excellent .
Moreover, Elephone S7 has 5MP+13MP camera, 4+64GB ultra-large storage, Android 6.0 system included.
Front Home key is allocated with fingerprint system, also, Elephone S7 will be equipped with 3000 mAh real battery.
The rear cover of Elephone S7 was used with PVC materials, which is combined with a 15 - layer processing crafts, so it looks stunning and gorgeous.
The exact price of this new model has not launched at present, but the pre-sale will start in the end of September from the official news.
Camera thickness comparison between Elephone S7 and Samsung S7 edge and Note 7
When you look at Elephone S7 's camera, you will know what kind of effort Elephone has put  into it .
Elephone S7 needs to stay thin, so there raised a conflict between the constructure and the shape on this tiny camera ---
how to keep the camera as parralled as back cover became Elephone engineers' headache once.
After dozens of plan changing and  camera testing, Elephone engineers finally accomplish the job and bring a camera which 
is more graceful and more paralled than Samsung S7 edge and Samsung Note 7. 
Elephone S7 puts a 13 Megapixels camera in the back and 5 Megepixel camera to support good selfie pictures .
Elephone S7 will soon be available for pre-sale .
More details on : 
Elephone S7 will come with 3 versions
Elephone officially confirmed that Elephone S7 will come with 3 versions :
2+16 GB, 3+32GB,4+64 GB.
All 3 models will equipt  similiar specification besides the difference on internal storage .
Learn about Elephone S7 within a minute throught these 2 vivid images .
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Screen ratio comparison between Elephone R9 and Iphone 6 Plus
Screen ratio comparison between Elephone R9 and Iphone 6 Plus
Elephone R9's high screen ratio, just for better experience
In order to creat the ultra - thin body of R9 and guarantee high screen ratio, Elephone comapny poured huge considerable human and material resources. And after numerous process improvement, high screen ratio can be guaranteed.
So as to allow users to more intuitive feel of the slim R9, we made a set of contrasts with Iphone 6 plus.
From the datas online, we know, the screen of Elephone R9 and iphone 6 Plus are the same as
5.5 inch, the length and width of  iphone 6 Plus  is 158.1 × 77.8mm and Elephone R9 is 149.6 and 73.0mm.
By calculating, the screen ratio of Elephone R9 is 76.48%, and Iphone 6 Plus is 67.9%, Elephone R9 is actually 8.58% higher than the Iphone 6 Plus.
Elephone R9's ultra-high screen ratio is mainly from accounting for the control of the side of screen and  more compact arrangement of the internal structure of the body.
To achieve such a high screen ratio, not only needing the courage to overcome high-difficulty technology and design, but also a challenge to the strength of the manufacturers.
So what do you think Elephone R9's high screen ratio?
Leave a comment and let us know what you think.
More about Elephone R9: http://www.elephone.hk/


Elephone R9's ultra - thin body compared with Iphone 6 plus
R9 is the beginning of Elephone R series which is designed for an combination of  thinness and beauty.
In order to build the ultra - thin body of R9 and guarantee the overall beauty, 
the research and development team of Elephone began to study design process as early as a year ago.
After dozens of improvements and testing, R9 was lunched ultimately with slim body.
In order to allow users to more intuitive feel of the slim R9, we made a set of contrasts with Iphone 6 plus.
From the figure shown on the caliper,  we can see, the thickness of Elephone R9's body is only 7.55mm, but Iphone 6 Plus's is 7.60mm. 
The thickness of Elephone is even 0.05mm thinner than Iphone 6 Plus.
It can be seen, Elephone company is really doing a lot of work in order to create an ultra-thin body on R9 and bring better experience foe our users.
So whether our customers are satisfied with R9's ultra-thin body? 
Leave a comment and let us know what you think.
More about Elephone R9: http://www.elephone.hk/
Exposure of Elephone S7's magnificent rear shell
Exposure of Elephone S7's magnificent rear shell---Combination of cool and strength
Video of Elephone S7's magnificent rear shell was exposed recently, from the video, blue streamer flows on the back shell with dark blue, the visual sense is impressive.
The biggest selling point of Elephone S7 is PVC rear shell which is formed after a 15 - layer composite materials process technology.
This process is divided into 15 layers of silk screen printing ink layer, multi-layer optical coatings, 3D lithography layer, OCA optical glue, AR optical antireflective layer and so on.
15-layer craftsmanship and light-catching rear shell makes the Elephone S7 stand out from the crowd.
More about Elephone S7, please see below:
Overview of Elephone S7
Elephone S7 is a bezel-less smartphone that Elephone has put every effort into making, 
also Elephone S7 has a chance to become the most cost-performance device in year 2016.

Elephone is very demanding and excelsior on screens and Elephone S7 is the perfect definition to that. Elephone S7 combines fashion and praticability, adopts 5.5 inch FHD screen and 2.5 D glass, injectes in-cell craftsmanship, which brings high screen-to-body ratio and excellent single-hand-held experience.

The radian on the screen is so mellow and bright,  a dazzling reflection will jump into your eyes unconsciously if you look at it under the light .
The dazzling reflecton results from a simple combination of 2.5D glass and the blue color on the body, which is so delicate and graceful, not to mention that it's same as the meteor shower you have ever seen, the visual impact is unspeakable and echos within your mind for a long time.  

Elephone S7 will be officially ready on pre-sale in Sep, before that, we are sure that 
Elephone will continue to provide more detailed information on the upcoming Elephone S7. 

More details on :  http://www.elephone.hk/