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ELEPHONE P8 can stay up to 12 hours to watch TV series continuously!

Video: https://youtu.be/vJzqJDTvZAQ

When talking about a phone's performance, the most important point that we need to check is power consumption. Due to this, we tested power drain of ELEPHONE P8.

We use full-power ELEPHONE P8 to play a 47-minute per episode TV series. ELEPHONE P8 surprisingly stays for 12 hours and finished to play the whole season of this TV series. What a long life battery! We can promise that ELEPHONE P8 can fulfill your common uses.
As a camera phone, ELEPHONE P8 has PDAF technology which helps the best bokeh effect, and the 3600mAh power with power-saving technology can help you shoot as long as you want.

If you need a phone which has a long power life and good camera effect, ELEPHONE P8 is your first choice!

More details: http://www.elephone.hk/

3D New Vision--Fresh photos of Elephone P8 3D
A few days ago we published a news that Elephone will bring out a new product--Elephone P8 3D with glasses-free 3D technology. Today we got some leaked photos from China about the Elephone P8 3D and more detail information, let's take a look.

According to the internal news, Elephone P8 3D will be equipped with MT 6750T Octa-core CPU and 4GB+64GB large storage. 5.5-inch large display with 1920*1080 HD resolution. Due to this, we believe that Elephone P8 3D will surprise you.

Talking about the camera, Elephone P8 3D has a 2+13MP dual rear camera which can capture the light and make better bokeh effect. The 16MP front camera with aperture F/2.0 also has a soft flash function like Elephone P8 mini, in other words, you can take perfect selfies with Elephone P8 3D too.

Besides the new glasses-free 3D technology, Elephone P8 3D also add eye-tracking technology which will greatly enhance the transmittance, improve the glasses-free 3D vision and angles. Do you look forward to experiencing this new glasses-free 3D smartphone?
ELEPHONE P8 mini, a small-size smartphone, which can operate with one-hand easily


ELEPHONE P8 mini, a small-size smartphone, which can operate with one-hand easily.

We can see in the video that ELEPHONE P8 mini can press all buttons in calculator while other near sizes smartphones are hard to touch. We hold them at the same angle, but the other smartphones are hard to touch the button on the side and is easy to touch the wrong buttons. You can also see the screen line that we touched. ELEPHONE P8 mini covered a large scale of areas. Time and efficiency are main points in our working. If your phone can not help you record the information in time, you will spend more time on one mission. ELEPHONE P8 mini, with small size, helps you save time and reduce mistakes.

ELEPHONE P8 mini, equipped with 4+64GB large storage, has the dual back camera and 16MP front camera with soft flash. Meanwhile, it is a 5.0" FHD display smartphone with small size. 133g weight and 5.0" display can help you hold this smartphone with one hand. In contrast, ELEPHONE P8 mini is your first choice.

Details for this comparison:
(1)VS 5.5" Samsung smartphone. It is not easy to touch number 1 and 7.
(2)VS 5.2" Huawei P9. It is not easy to touch number 4 and 7.
(3)VS 5.2" Meizu smartphone. It is not easy to touch number 7.
(4)VS 5.0" Huawei smartphone. It is not easy to touch number 4 and 7.

Eye-tracking+ Glasses free 3D technology, ELEPHONE P8 3D gives you the best 3D experience

Glasses-free 3D technology is not so unfamiliar to us. In 2011, HTC launched HTC G17, a Glasses-free smartphone. Then, other brands also launched Glasses-free 3D smartphones. But this kind of phone had not occupied the market. The reason is that the Glasses-free 3D technology is not grown-up. At that time, the field of view for a 3D camera is fixed, the traditional technology fixed the distance and views, you can’t move or shake the phone. Otherwise, the visual effect will not be very well. So, Glasses-free 3D technology had not been popularized.

This time, ELEPHONE got the latest Glasses-free 3D technology, which improved roundly. We added the eye-tracking technology in the phone, which can increase the light transmittance. Eye-tracking technology follow users’ eyesight to adjust the viewpoint, which can reach up to 70°. We increased the line-of-sight range to 30-60cm. In other words, even we move our sight, we can also feel the 3D effect and will not feel dizziness.

ELEPHONE named this product as ELEPHONE P8 3D. Now, ELEPHONE 3D is trial-producing. We believe that we will see the totally new 3D vision with this Glasses-free 3D smartphone!

More details: http://www.elephone.hk/


Elephone P8 finds GPD satellite in one second, positions in two seconds--your best friend on your trip!

Last time, we introduced the speed of Elephone P8 mini to find GPS satellites.
You can check here: http://www.elephone.hk/blog/elephone-p8-mini-finds-gps-satellites-in-one-second-which-is-comparable-with-iphone-7-2

This time, we tested Elephone P8 to show you how amazing the speed is!

We tested this in the center of the city, where there are all buildings. And we downloaded a third-party APP to test P8.
In the video, we can see when we turn on the GPS, P8 found the signal in one second and positioned in two seconds. You do not need to worry about the inaccuracy or losing GPS signal in the trip.

"Fast" for Elephone P8 does not only mean the speed of GPS. It's also fast in reading/write speed with the latest DDR4 flash which is 30% faster than DDR3. You don’t have to wait for a long time for installing. Also, the special shortcut key for the camera can help you capture the beauty in time.

Elephone P8 equipped with a newly 2.5GHz P25 processor, 6+64GB storage, and 21MP+16MP cameras. With Elephone P8, you will not want to put it down.

Buy now:http://www.elephone.hk/elephone-p8#/
The simplest switch function - Rexso Listen 1 Bluetooth sports headset

Rexso is a sub-brand of Elephone, its main products are 3C accessories. Rexso Listen 1 is the first launched Bluetooth headset of this brand, it has a 100mAh battery which can work for 4-5 hours under the normal volume.

When talking about the tone quality, Rexso Listen 1 has invited the professional Chinese indie musicians to test and make sure it can bring the perfect audio effect to the user.

Most importantly, Rexso Listen 1 is equipped with Hall magnetically controlled switch, without ON/OFF button, all you need to do is gently pull the left and right headsets and it will turn on automatically. Likewise, when you put the left and right headsets together, it will turn off. Basically speaking, this can be the simplest switch function at all.

Now the Rexso Listen 1 is on sale on Gearbest, you can't miss it!

Buy now: http://www.gearbest.com/earbud-headphones/pp_639542.html
Learn more: http://www.elephone.hk/rexso-listen1#/


P8 GPS was tested! The accuracy can even compare with iPhone 7 Plus!

Video: https://youtu.be/PWa8J-BxBi0

Elephone have shown Elephone P8's appearance and built-in to all of the supporters, today we bring out a GPS test video of P8, which will absolutely help you know more about P8.

We did the test in the center of the city under a good weather. We compared Elephone P8 with iPhone 7 Plus and Nokia 6. You can also check the accuracy of GPS by the road location. As you can see in this video, Elephone P8 positions very fast and accurately. When driving, it keeps a similar distance as iPhone 7 Plus and Nokia 6 whether on the straight lines or bends roads. We believe Elephone P8 can meet all your trip needs with its strong signal and correct route system.

Later, we will release more test videos under the tall-building areas, wide places, tunnels, and other more complicated road conditions, please keep expecting!

Elephone P8, equipped with 6+64GB large storage, 21MP+16MP cameras with PDAF technology and Octa-core P25 2.5GHz CPU. Meanwhile, it has 3600mAh battery.

A cost-effective and high-configuration smartphone now only $229.99!

Video: https://youtu.be/PWa8J-BxBi0
Buy now: http://www.elephone.hk/elephone-p8#/



Elephone P8 mini finds GPS satellites in one second, which is comparable with iPhone 7!


When we test a phone, we need to test the accuracy and the speed of GPS. Today, Elephone will show the P8 mini GPS satellites test.

First of all, we tested it in the center of the city, where there are all buildings.
In the video, you can see that Elephone P8 mini finds the GPS satellites in 1 second, and positions in 2 seconds, the speed is so fast that our staff can not even click the seconds counter. The speed is faster than other phones with the same price. It is so convenient for your trip.

Meanwhile, Elephone P8 mini equipped with 4+64 GB large storage and 5.0" ISP FHD display, a 16MP front camera with soft flash and auto-selfie functions. It runs with Android 7.0 and the latest ELE OS 1.0.

Such an affordable device, $139.99 only.

More details: http://www.elephone.hk/elephone-p8mini#/
Video link: 

How To Get elePhone Z1 For Only $189.99

Crowdfunding has a long history with several roots.It has been used to fund a wide range for-profit entrepreneurial ventures such as artistic and creative projects, medical expenses, travel, or community-oriented social entrepreneurship projects.

We have seen a lot of interesting works on various crowdfunding websites such as kickstarter, but have you seen the crowdfunding of the mobile phones?elePhone recently changed our own website into a public platform, and released our first work.

elePhone Z1 is a new elePhone launched by the mobile phone products, its biggest selling point is that it has 6GB running memory, which is advanced in the mobile phone market recently. A large 6GB of memory, you can run multiple softwares at one time.Moreover, the large capacity can store up almost 200 movies, just enjoy your movie time!



 The Z1 crowdfunding program is hot in progress,come support us now,you can have it for only $189.99!! There are three different ways to support us:

1.Funding $189.99 now and get one elePhone Z1 that worth $229.99 as soon as the the program is completed.
2.Prepay $49.99 in advance. Pay only 150 dollars more when elePhone Z1 is on sale , which means 30 dollars off ,and enjoy delivery-priority .
3.We’re looking forward to your support, as soon as the the project is completed, we will pick lucky supporters out of the supporters ,the lucky one will get one ElePhone Z1 or coupon for free.



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Hey,You Got A Movie to See


 The 89th Oscar best film nomination has come out, have you seen these movies?

Here I want to recommend you guys one of the movies, La La Land.Charming music, intoxicating pictures,I wonder whether it attracts you?Anyway, I am deeply caught in this beautiful and heartbreaking story.



The story takes place in contemporary Los Angeles.Mia is the actress and playwright,Sebastian is a pianist and obsessed with Jazz.The same pursuit of the dream of the two met in each other in the city, singing,dancing and falling in love.



This is a beautiful story,hearbreaking too.
What I can't forget is the scenes in the movie.Those purple,romantic,love scenes.



Don't wanna miss every wonderful movies?elePhone S7 has 4GB +64GB storge that can save all your favorite movies.Never feel not enough.



elePhone S7, combines color and metal, makes you have a gentle and cool experience.
Surrounding by the purple romantic atmosphere, makes me feel the heartbeat.



What do a woman must have in her daily life?A dress?a shoes?a bag?But what's the most important thing? I'll say,a mobile phone that's suitable for all the stuffs.elePhone S7 has four color for you to pick.Colorful skirts.Colorful phones.

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elePhone S7



Can’t forget the music in the movie?you can continue to listen them,all you need is a pair of headphones.elePhone recommends headphones E1 to you, give your ears a chance to enjoy the wonderful and pure music.

Headphones E1

You own your music,just enjoy it!



‘City of stars,are you shining just for me?
City of stars,there’s so much that I can’t see.
Who knows,I felt it from the first embrace I share with you.’
<City of Stars>By Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone

If you want to share music with your friends, or dance with her/him,ele-box can do it for you. Dancing it up, enjoy your waltz or jazz ...




Here’s to the ones who dream.
Here’s to the ones who love life.
Here’s to the ones who …


Buy a elePhone S7,
makes your life more colorful.
Hope you all to well.