Every Wednesday & Thursday 3:00PM(GMT+8)
The world is so big that you must want to have a look.
The world is so beautiful that you must wanna capture every touching moment in your life.
There are so many cameras; you must wanna take the best one among them and enjoy it with your own voice in it.
So, record your own voice for Eleplorer Pro. There is a chance your voice may guide you how to use it.
Waiting for your voice
And you will be the permanent VIP for us.
8 Entries
Each new Elecam device
8 Entries
An Explorer Pro
Once your voice is uploaded, you will get $20 coupon.
$10 Discount code will be given once share.
Record voice operating system for Explorer
Content:Video start;Video stop;Low power;Lack of storage
Languages:Chinese/English/French/German/Spanish/Italian/Portuguese/ Russian
Recording requirements:The file is only MP3 supported and below 300 kb
中国 开始录影 停止录影 内存不足 电量低
English Video start Video stop Lack of storage Low power
Français Début de l'enregistrement Arrêt de l'enregistrement Manque de mémoire Niveau batterie faible
Deutsch Viedo starten Video stoppen Wenig Arbeitsspeicher Die Batterie ist leer
Español Empezar Video Terminar video Almacenamiento insuficiente Nivel Bateria baja
Iingua italiana Avvio Video Fine video Memoria insufficiente Batteria scarica
Português Video Ligado Video Desligado Memória Insuficiente Bateria Fraca
Русский Запустить видео Остановить видео Мало памяти Батарея разряжена
1. Entrance to this event is exclusive to Elephone official website and authorized online stores.
2. People who join in The voice of Ele have the preference of order delivery.
3. People who attend the event at Elephone official website can also buy Explorer at authorized online stores.
4. Ele code from authorized online stores can only be used at that online store.
1. 1 winner for each language and will be picked by official Elephone. If you voice is most played and liked in a language, you will be awarded with special awards.
2. If your voice is uploaded successfully, you will be awarded with a coupon of $20, and if you share the event to your friends, you will be awarded with a coupon of $10.(Coupon can only be used to order Explorer Pro)
*Elephone reserves the right of final explanation to this event.